Company Operations

These are reviewed and assessed prior to the transaction to identify areas that would increase shareholder value.

Candidate Screening & Project Management

We short list targets sourced through our extensive network and extrapolate partnership / investment rationale based on quick valuation of priority targets.

Due Diligence

We perform commercial due diligence – assessing the target's future value by analyzing all relevant influencing parameters.

Merger and Integration

We define integration principles and develop a 100 day plan and integration development program.

Assessing Revenue at Risk

We analyze sales, EBITDA and liquidity positions under varying realistic market scenarios.

Divestment Support

We assist in defining the divestment strategy and identification of potential buyers. We also provide support in preparation of sales documents, information memorandum, and data room.

Deal Management, Negotiation and Closure

We carefully manage the transaction and it's processes drawing on the extensive experience of the Firm's team, affiliates and related entities. As part of this process we make a careful evaluation of the balance of business, legal and financial trade-offs in the negotiation process. All aspects of the transaction are assessed and scrutinized in determining the suitability with the client's requirements. We work symbiotically with the client through each phase of this process in order to facilitate the client with a comprehensive understanding of the transaction's components.